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It is Your Right as a Canadian!


We will reduce your debt up-to 70%, sometimes more.


This will be done by walking you through the process of filing a Consumer Proposal with a Licensed Trustee in your region.


Your interest on your debt will be reduced to 0%.

You will pay off your reduced debt amount one month at a time.


You can take up to 60 months to do it. 

This way, your new payment is low. 

You can also have it finished in less than 2 years if you wish as well.

The Consumer Proposal is "Open-Ended," meaning you can pay off the proposal as early as you want, at no penalty. 


The whole process moves as fast or slow as you want it to. 


By filing a Consumer Proposal, you will be able to avoid filing for Bankruptcy. One of the nice things about filing a Consumer Proposal in Canada is that it is filed under the same Legislation as the Bankruptcy Protection Act. That means you get all the same benefits and protections of Bankruptcy without all the negatives! 


You get the Best of Both Worlds.


A Consumer Proposal Will:


 Reduce Your Debt By up to 70% or more


Stop the Interest


Arrange One Low Monthly Payment


Stop Collection Activity


Stop Legal Action


 Stop Wage Garnishments


Avoid Bankruptcy

What Are The Requirements:


You Must be 18 years of age


You Must not owe more than $250,000

(does not include your mortgage)


You Must Have a Reliable Source of Income



It Must be filed with a Licensed Trustee.





Debts Eliminated:


Credit Cards


Unsecured Loans


CRA Tax Debt


Payday Loans


Old Utility Bills




Some Student Loans


And More

Thousands of Happy Clients and Counting!


We have been helping Canadians for Nearly 20 Years - You Also Deserve to be Debt Free.



Thanks for all you did to assist me in regaining financial control in my life!



Jeff W.

Saved $24,982.15!




 It has been a long time  since I felt like someone actually  cared about me and my situation, thanks for the excellent service.




Christopher E.

Saved $56,857.25


I am now able to get a  new home with my  debt being resolved forever grateful! 



Samantha P.

Saved $32,856.24





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